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Rob Machado Pops Surfboard <b>CUSTOM ORDER</b>
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The POPS was named after my dad.  I found one of his old boards that was shaped by a guy named Nipper Williams down in Australia probably back in the 60's.  I used his original board to inspire this design. This board has a very low rocker profile and is designed to be ridden in small to medium size waves.  It can be ridden as a single fin or with 2 side bits for a little extra bite.

This board is available in epoxy or epoly using an eco epoxy resin.

Dimension Suggestions

5' 8” 19” 2 7/16"
6' 2” 20 3/4" 2 1/2”
6' 5” 21” 2 5/8”
6' 8” 21 1/2” 2 3/4”